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As I sit here in a Barnes and Noble, I see people working on papers. I hear people surrounding me lightly having conversations and sipping coffee (though there is so much sugar, cream and various toppings included I’m not sure that it is still classified as coffee). I hear the typing of keys and the subtle whispers of people attempting to speak without being heard by those obviously surrounding them. As I take in this experience of attempted concentration I have a thought that has absolutely nothing to do with my setting. MAN I MISS THE 90s!

I miss the days of high top fades without a shape up. I miss the days of kids desperately craving to be let out of the house like a dog that’s been caged too long. The days where it was cool for boys to not like girls at a young age. The days where neighborhoods played other neighborhoods in sports and took it seriously. I miss the days of ugly station wagons with the chipped wood panel on the side. I miss the days of waking up early just so the next 3 hours could be completely dedicated to watching Saturday morning cartoons. I miss the Chuck-E-Cheese birthday parties, the rappers talking about social issues, the basketball games so tough that they looked like football games. MAN I MISS THE 90s.

Wait a minute. As I write this I am intrigued by a question. Do I miss the 90s or do I miss my childhood? I think the most simple answer would be, yes. Because to be a child in the 90s was to experience an incredible decade with all of the pros and not many of the cons contained in those beautiful 10 years. I mean, the experience of Nintendo, then the introduction of the Sega Genesis and then what male could ever forget their first game played on that incredible PlayStation. Ahh, the good ole days.

Movies were better. The economy was fantastic. Sports seemed to peak with competitive nature. Movies actually took time to develop storylines. Action movies didn’t care about realism so it completely allowed one to indulge in the non-fiction spectacle of 17 bad guys emptying semi automatic weapons at the good guy and never hitting him. Meanwhile he holds a single handgun and is able to single handedly defeat the inept henchmen and ultimately barely survive his encounter with the “Boss”.

MAN I MISS THE 90s. I miss the days when entire communities were capable of raising a single child. The days when physical punishment to a child was seen as love and not as physical abuse. The days when gas that crept above one dollar was outrageous. The days where a predominately African American cast on a television show was not a “reality show”; and they actually showed blacks in a positive light. The days when Barkley, Ewing, Malone, Magic, Larry and Reggie knew Michael was going to take the last shot and there was absolutely nothing they could do about it. The days where comedy was actually witty, intelligent and a display of genius as opposed to todays absurdly universal acceptance of awkward as “comical”.

MAN I MISS THE 90s. I miss the days when this great country didn’t view God as an enemy but more as, well you know, God. I miss the days of family cookouts, huge cell phones, family vacations to the beach, Blockbusters, Spice Girls, cassette players, VHS tapes, suits with shoulder pads, radio personalities with actual personality, D.A.R.E, summer camps, church cookouts, the circus, the incredible special effects of Terminator 2 and so much more.

I guess everyone goes through this phase. Remembering a day that seemed a little less stressful, a little brighter and a little more fun than today. My parents probably feel this way about the 70s and my younger aunts and uncles probably miss the great rock music of the 80s. I have accepted that I am not Marty McFly so I will not be able to go back in time and re-experience the wonders of my childhood in the best decade ever. It is what it is. I mean, this new millennium has a ton to offer; it’s just that it feels like the more technology there is to make our lives easier, the more complex the little things in life become. I am thankful for today and I do look forward to tomorrow but MAN I MISS THE 90s.