Humble Tip – S.P.F – Music Video

Posted by Jason Lewis on October 28, 2013 Videos | One comment

  • LOVE

    There are so many young people that really need to hear the Word of GOD in a way that they can relate to. I believe this music is an incredible start to a revised revolution that has already been started with one of the first gospel rap albums, and I’m so proud to be a part of this era. It is so unfortunate that so many young Kings have no Father or Man counsel and have no idea of what those things mean. It is sad because it cost generation after generation. The Father in the family is our children’s first experience with GOD. Our children feel if they cannot trust the physical father (their “protector”) that they see every day(or not which could be worse); how then can they trust a GOD that they have not seen? That is understandable, and that is why GOD holds us SEVERELY, at the risk of our own Lives, accountable for the impression that we make on our children and other people, because to some we are the only GOD that they will get to experience and if we do not conduct ourselves Decent and In Order we could be the destruction of that person’s opportunity to know GOD and be saved. That is a debt/price I do not believe anyone wants to pay….
    May GOD be with you all GOD bless you and thank you for listening.
    People see the God we live not the God we talk….