Hope of Tomorrow

Posted by Jason Lewis on January 15, 2016 Humble Blog | News | | No comments

As of late, it seems that the exposure to school violence has been increased in the media. We are seeing security footage, cell phone footage and hearing firsthand accounts of students who have either been involved in these confrontations, or were first-hand witnesses. This violence has spanned everywhere from student youth planning to attacks on entire school, students assaulting each other and teachers, to students initiating or receiving confrontation from law enforcement.

Regardless of where you stand, it is undoubtedly evident that the current generation of youth today seem to have a complete and utter disregard for authority. Now this is not said to make a sweeping generalization because there are many young people today who are well behaved and well intentioned. These youth are a joy to be around and when looking at them and their possible future it brings a smile to any mentors face. Then there are other young people who may not be on the perfect path, but hey, youth will be youth and they require patience, comfort, love and discipline.

I am not talking about typical at risk youth. I feel that we are seeing something beyond the typical youth acting out in rebellion. We are seeing a day were in is not becoming uncommon to see young people assaulting law enforcement. Now, it’s not all the fault of the young people. Many variables are connected to these situations. Some of these contributors are uninvolved adults, single parent homes, unqualified and impatient teachers, a media that promotes unethical behavior as alluring and glamorous, and under resourced schools and local communities.

With all these obstacles, barriers and preventative measures that contribute to the difficulty in producing a upstanding young person, it does not absolve them from the consequences and results sure to follow behavior patterns detrimental to our society. These consequences range from not receiving well-paying employment, having children out of wedlock, experiencing unfulfilling relationships, living with unresolved mental issues from childhood, prison, and even death. So with all this turmoil staring at the face of our young people what is the answer. To that question I say WE ARE.

We as in “us adults”. Too often I see adults unwilling to muster up the energy and authority to correct young people. It is our job to love them, hold them, comfort them, yes; but also to teach them, discipline them, and to NEVER allow them to think they are the adult and we are the children. As the old saying goes, it truly does take a village to raise a child. So if we want to see a change in the behavior of tomorrows adults, today, then we should abstain from bad mouthing these youth and instead pray for them and think of ways we can take active roles in assisting them journey thru those difficult, emotion filled and hormone lead years. Truly the hope for tomorrow is not in the youth, but it is in those adults leading the youth.